How You Can Sell Your Vehicle

Do you have an old car or truck that you would like to get rid of? Perhaps it is an old clunker at this point, and ready to be parted out to fix other vehicles. On the other hand, maybe your rig still has plenty of miles left to go, just not for you. If you need a newer vehicle, or simply want one, you have several options open to you for selling your current car.

There are several different factors that will influence the best way for you to go about selling your vehicle. First of all, the make and model of the car can have considerable weight regarding who would want to purchase it. For instance, selling an old muscle car for parts will require one strategy, while unloading an old economy car will take you down a separate path. In this regard, the year of manufacture is also important. When the manufacturers roll out a new line, problems occur sometimes. These companies might revert to the previous setup or come up with an improvement for the new one, in order to make the next year more popular. An otherwise well-known and well-liked model might have a dud year. It happens.

old carWhile that is one of the ways that you need to consider the year your car was made, there is another. Simply, the older your car is, the fewer lucrative selling options you have available when compared to selling or trading a newer rig. Of course, you can find exceptions to this rule. If you have a classic or antique car, it is possible that the value has risen. That is something that depends on the car itself, and public perception of it. For instance, the aforementioned muscle car will garner greater interest than a gas guzzling tank from the 1970’s. And, if you happen to have a fully restored Model A, the opportunities will be vastly different. Of course, most folks don’t need to worry about these particular examples. They simply show the extremes of how the make, model and year of a vehicle can influence your options. If you are like most people attempting to sell their vehicle, there are many opportunities available in your local community as well as the internet.

Contact your local newspaper to find out how much money it will take to advertise the vehicle in the classified section. Generally, you can opt to have it ran throughout the week, or just on the weekends. More people tend to read the Sunday paper, so it can seem like a better deal. However, there are still a lot of folks who read the newspaper daily. Additionally, some people who normally don’t buy the newspaper often do when they are looking for something like a used car or couch. Most newspapers today include online advertising opportunities as well. These classified ads are a great way to reach people who read the print newspaper and those who peruse it on the web.

Find out what other regular publications in your community are viable opportunities for selling your vehicle. Even if it has a classified section, that doesn’t mean it is popular. Take a look at how many ads are being ran under the used vehicle categories. The more you see, the better. Although you might see these folks as competition rather than a benefit, the larger numbers indicate a greater interest in the general public for buying used cars. Remember that you only need to find one buyer who is willing to negotiate with you for an agreeable settlement on price and terms. The more readers you can get the car in front of, the more likely it is that the buyer you need will find you.

Whether you are using these local opportunities or the internet, you should have a few pictures of the car that you want to sell. Snap shots from different angles, and get a pic under the hood. These images can help attract interest and minimize inquiries that aren’t going to pan out. This is particularly the case if the car has any kind of damage. What one person considers minor another might see as major. For instance, are the impact marks on the rear quarter panel dings or dents? You see how easily that can cause miscommunications? Take excellent pictures with the best quality that you can. Crisp online images are essential.

Just as you can use classified ads via your local paper, you can also find some great websites to advertise. Craig’s List is probably the most well-known site, and can provide a great opportunity for you to reach out to a larger audience. When you list it, make sure that you put the names of nearby cities into the title, along with your own. This way it will show up for people in those towns who are searching for cars too. However, you shouldn’t add too many or go out too far, because it could make you look deceptive.

If you are planning to buy a new car, you might be able to trade your old one in as part of the down payment. The amount of money you get in this situation can be difficult to gauge, because the price of the new car has some wiggle room. This gives the sales force some room to work with customers.

Alternatively, you might be able to sell it outright to a used car dealership. Take a look at the options in town, and make note of which ones have vehicles of similar value to yours. While it is certainly okay if there are some with higher and/or lower prices that your perceived value of your car. The point is that you should all be in the same ballpark.

If you are still driving the car around until someone buys it, you can advertise it as you roll down the road, and when you have it parked somewhere. Put a sign in the window that includes your asking price, phone number and any other information that you think relevant. For instance, a brand new motor or air conditioner might help to entice someone to inquire about it.

It is essential that you make a decent sign to place in the window. Although writing with a dark permanent marker on a white sheet of paper worked in the past, it isn’t the best strategy today. You can make as simple or elaborate sign as you want using a word processor or some other type of software. You might want to add a picture of under the hood, but pics of the rest of the car isn’t necessary because they are able to view it for themselves.

In most instances you will be selling to a local buyer. You should be careful about these meetings to ensure your safety. Rather than having potential buyers meet at your house to see it, arrange for a meeting in a grocery store or big box store parking lot. A different public place can work as well. Also, don’t meet them at your place of business. If the person becomes disgruntled for any reason, you don’t want them showing up at home or work!

Older cars can be taken to the junkyard, while antiques and classics should be advertised in specialty publications dedicated to them. These and the options listed above are the most common ways that people sell their vehicles. You can use one or more of them in order to find the right buyer for your rig!