Cash For Junk Cars Alexandria VA


If you are tired of seeing that old and ugly vehicle gobbling up precious space in your driveway or you just can’t put up with family or neighbors whining over the old car in the garage, you do not have to worry anymore. Although it seems worthless to you (or your family or neighbors), it’s worth several hundred (or thousand) bucks to us. Junk Car Systems can help convert your otherwise junk car into some cash. We will not only tow the vehicle from your backyard but also reward you with what the car is worth, hence a win-win situation.

Reasons to Take Advantage of Junk Car Systems Services

The sight of a junk car in front of your house, or driveway, can be a real cause of a headache and disappointment. Junk cars are not only unsightly but also a constant reminder or wasted cash. Having your us to tow the car, and pay you for what it is worth, is reason enough to take advantage of our services. Discussed below are a few tips to help you take care of any junk car you may have.

  • Schedule a pickup date: While most people prefer towing the cars to our junkyard, we always recommend having our personnel do it for you. We have all the required machinery and means needed to enable smooth handling of your car. You also get to save time and resources that could have otherwise been used to tow the car. All you need to do is schedule a date (when you are free) to have the car towed .
  • Cash for the junk car: Instead of letting a junk car collect dust and rust in the backyard, you can convert it into cash by letting us have it. One of the main reasons you should consider using our service is the fact that, you get a fair market value of your car almost instantly. Once a certified employee has inspected the state and condition of the vehicle, he/she will make a quote of its value for you to decide on. If comfortable with the quote, we will then collect the car and deposit the cash to your account or even give you cash for it. As long as you have all the paperwork needed to verify ownership, you can then have the money in no time.
  • We take the car regardless of its condition: If you are worried about the condition of your car (due to an accident, age, or rust), you then do not need to worry. We will still buy your car for the value it is worth. If the car was involved in an accident and unroadworthy, our experts will inspect it do determine its value, as well as if it can be used in any way. If the car is repairable, it will then fetch more money than a wrecked one. This, however, depends on its brand among other factors.

If around Virginia and wish to give up a junk car, you can then contact us for a quote. There’s nothing better than getting a cash reward for what you considered junk